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but what Rated i Creative can do for you. Well, in short, we…

...bring your audience to their feet. We tell stories. Your brand story. Your growth story. Your business story. How? With crazy-good content. TV spots, trailers, product launches, webisodes, featurettes. We help you feed the hungry beast of social media. From big idea to image, script to screen, we concept, shoot, edit and deliver messages that make you look... well, really, really smart.

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What We Make

Sizzles, TV spots, Featurettes, Testimonial videos, Product roll-outs, Webisodes and Production. Check out our samples.


Creative Services

From Concept to copywriting through editorial and delivery, we provide the creative to take your project and brand to the next level.


Editorial Services

Whatever the Story is that you want to tell, we know how to tell it. Every product and every brand demands its own style and we evoke the right emotion that’s spot-on with your brand.


Production Services

We provide turn-key production services to capture the perfect image on everything from 35mm film, RED to all HD formats.


Motion Graphics

We bring your projects to life by designing and implementing stunning 2D or 3D graphics packages using the latest in cutting edge technology.


Music and Mixing

Whether you want an original score, a track from the most current music library or a song from the Top 40 charts, we can make your project hit the right note.

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